Top Five Sundays... (Something a little different!)

I just saw this meme over on Larissa's Bookish Life and as I'm not posting an IMM again this week (don't worry it'll be back next week when I'll catch up with the books that made their way here over the last fortnight!) I had to join in.

I'm a MASSIVE Disney fan...I'm as bad as my daughter and never tire of watching movies with her. Our DVD collection is huge and we love nothing more than heading to the cinema to see the latest release. At the minute I'm so excited for Tangled and can't wait for its release in the UK early next year, a WHOLE 2 months after the US release (screams it's not fair!!!)

To pick out my top five Disney movies, I enlisted the help of my five year old fellow Disney addict and after much debate, this is what we came up with.

No: 5

The Princess And The Frog

One of the most recent Disney releases and newest addition to the Disney Princess gang, we loved A Princess And A Frog lots! Tiana isn't your usual Princess, she doesn't hang around waiting for prince Charming ala Snow White and Cinders, the girl has a career plan and she's determined to go for it (but still has a gorgeous dress for every little girl to lust!) But what I really loved about this movie was the music and vibrancy of the 1920's setting...oh and Raymondo the firefly who made me laugh and sob uncontrollably (geeez Disney...that was HARSH!)

No. 4

Beauty and The Beast

There are two reasons why I mainly really like Beauty and the Beast... Belle LOVES books and wow that library in the Beasts Castle has me frothing at the mouth! And the song Be My Guest just rocks. Belle's a clever girl, she wants more than her little tiny village and local stud Gaston (and we all know a Gaston...right?) and she also has a huge heart...what's not to like? The moment the Beast changes always has me in floods of tears and is just beautiful *sigh* My own little princess reckons she has the best dress too.

No. 3


So this one caused the most debate amongst my daughter and I. She would have had Cinderella in the list but as it's my blog I put my foot down. Mulan Rocks...end of.

Oh Ok I'll elaborate. A girl who doesn't want to fit into societies ideal of her finding a good marriage, who loves her sick father so much she disguises herself as a boy and goes off to war so he doesn't have to, the most hysterical group of sidekicks imaginable and a love interest that really ain't half bad for a cartoon (did I just admit that?) That's why Mulan makes my top three. (Sorry'll thank me when you're older ;-) )

No 2

Finding Nemo

This was almost No 1 but was just pipped to the post. If you've never seen Finding Nemo then you really must. Even if you think animated movies are not your thing...just do it. It's hilarious and heartwarming and is just brilliant. The relationship between Marlon and Nemo is a typical protective parent one that many parents will recognise, I dare you not to cry at least a couple of times. But the star of the show is a little blue fish called Dory. Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, she is absolute genius with some of the best lines ever and I promise you will be in hysterics. Just keep swimming!

No 1

Toy Story 1, 2 and 3

There's no way I could pick just one so the Toy story films come a collective number 1. They've been a firm favourite in this house since my Son was tiny (I remember taking him to see Santa aged 4 or 5 and him telling him his name was Buzz Lightyear...he's 14 now so sssh don't tell him I told you!) With a cast of lovable toys with real human flaws both children and adults will relate to Toy Story appeals to the whole family and captures the imagination of young and old. And it doesn't suffer that well known effect of the rubbish, money spinning sequel (yes Shrek I'm looking at you!) each one is as good, if not better than the last. Toy Story 3 was our movie of the summer, we saw it twice in it's opening week! It was stunning in my opinion and extremely poignant as my own son has grown up on these films. I did indeed blub like a good 'un...thank god for 3D glasses!

So, What do you think of our list? Do you agree or is there something we missed that would absolutely make your top 5?


  1. WHAT?! You don't even have The Little Mermaid or The Lion King on could you? :( lol

  2. you know how much arguing and thought went into this list this morning! The Lion King is a close contender...neither of us are that fussed on The Little Mermaid though!

  3. definately agree the little mermaid should be there - love that film! I also loved aladdin! Beauty and the Beast has got to be my all time favourite though!

  4. Aladdin was another close contender...maybe a top 10 would be easier lol

  5. I'd probably have had The Lion King and the Little Mermaid on my list too.. but it really would be a difficult list to make! HMM.

  6. I LOVE Mulan!! And after that comes pretty much everything else mixed together!!

    And awwww at your son telling Santa his name was Buzz Lightyear.. ;)

  7. Beauty and the Beast is my number one with The Aristocats second. The Princess and the Frog is also amazing. I love Disney!

  8. I'm a HUGE disney fan too. My list would go

    1.) Beauty and the Beast
    2.) The little mermaid
    3.) The Lion King
    4.) The princess and the frog
    5.) Toy story tied with Finding Nemo

    My 2yr old cousins favourite at the moment is The Lion King :)

  9. This is a brilliant post. I love Disney and one of my all time favourites is Cinderella but I'd have to have Monsters Inc and Aladdin on the list too. I totally agree with Toy Story as number 1 :)

  10. This was a really hard one. There are so many great Disney movies. You're right it should have been a top ten list. Then I could have added Beauty and the Beast and others.

  11. Happiness for Beauty & the Beast!!! I'm super psyched that they're re-releasing it on DVD here in the States in November!!! I can finally own it again (my VHS died a long time ago, haha)!!! And super excited about Tangled :oD

  12. Great list! I LOVE Finding Nemo so very much! mut I cant seem to see Pixar and Disney as the same hehe =P

  13. My daughter would agree with you, I'm sure. Toy Story is a great trilogy. I cried on the third one!

  14. I love Beauty and the Beast but I think that Sleeping Beauty would be in my top 5 too!


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