Book Review: My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares was first published in the UK on 24th June in 2010 in hardback. On 20th January it was re-released with a new cover by Hodder and Stoughton. The book is 416 pages long.

For centuries, Daniel has been falling in love with the same girl. Even though Daniel is always called by the same name, he is born in different countries and has different skills and Sophia always comes back in a different form. The difference between Daniel and Sophia is that he has ‘the memory’, the ability to remember his past lives and most importantly, he always remembers Sophia.

Sophia, now known as Lucy, is obsessed with the hot but different guy at school. Daniel. He never pays her any attention though. Best friend Marnie thinks that Lucy is crazy for never giving up on her crush, no matter how much he ignores her. On the day of the last dance of school, Lucy finally gets the chance to speak to Daniel but it doesn’t quite go like she had hoped. Telling Lucy that he knew her before and calling her Sophia majorly freaks her out and she goes running.

Even with rumours of Daniel’s death, Lucy cant put him out of her mind, even years later. When a trip to a psychic confirms what Daniel told her all those years ago, Lucy decides it is about time she finds out the truth but will it bring her everything she thought she wanted?

What I thought
My Name is Memory was very hard to get in to. I borrowed an ARC copy of this book from a friend but found that because the text was so small, I had problems reading it. I usually read in bed with just a lamp on so when it came to reading this one, I couldn’t do that. Once I had gotten used to the size of the text, it did get a bit easier but I would have preferred for it to be printed in a normal size text.

I hate to say it, but I kind of hated Lucy a little bit to begin with. I understand that teenagers have some crazy crushes on boys that don’t talk to them but to keep it going for years? That’s just a little bit silly in my eyes. Maybe she didn’t have a choice though. If Daniel always comes back for her, maybe she knows deep down that something between them was meant to happen. It wasn’t so much the crush that bugged me while Lucy was in high school but more than she was very depressing about it. Honestly, she was a bit of a whiner and I cant stand girls like that in books. I did warm to Lucy as the book went on but not completely. There were parts where I wanted to give her a good, hard slap around the face and tell her to stop being such an idiot.

Daniel, however, was lovely. His whole life/ lives were fascinating and I really loved reading about how he found Sophia each time. His love for Sophia really shines through, in both the parts set in the past and in the present and being able to see how genuine he was made me like him instantly. He was a bit full on with Lucy to begin with though and I think if I had been in her situation, I would have probably run a mile. I don’t quite think that Daniel knows the meaning of subtle. It was good to see that Daniel’s story was not only about love, even though I do like a good romance. His brother of a past life is causing problems all over the place and I think that his inclusion gave the story a more exciting twist.
What sets this book apart from other books with similar plots is the amount of history that is involved. Chapters alternate between the current date to sometime from Daniel’s past, starting from the very beginning. I love knowing the history of a character and in this case, it worked extremely well. Not only do we get to find out what Daniel was like in past lives, but also Lucy. I liked the fact that she was always someone completely different and didn’t really remember Daniel while he was always the same. Yes, he had different talents or skills but beep down, he was still the same Daniel as the first with the same views on life and love. The historical aspect of this book was by far the best thing for me.

My Name is Memory has a humongous cliff-hanger. After the bit of hell that Daniel and Lucy have to go through towards the end of the book, nothing is ever really resolved. We are left with a letter from Daniel to Lucy, telling her how he is doing but nothing about what is really going on. Although I didn’t completely love this book, I am desperate to know what is going to happen to them both. I have no idea if there is a sequel but I hope so. There are so many possibilities of what could happen next.

Overall, My Name is Memory is a good book but not a fantastic one. I wouldn’t read it again but I would definitely buy the sequel. Also, for everyone who has read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, do you see any similarities going on here??


  1. I have never heard of My name is Memory before I read your review. I am intrigued to read it. The story sounds quite good and I like the idea of finding out about Daniel's previous lives as well as Sophia and how different she is every time. I am going to put this on my to read list.

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  2. I totally adore this book :D :D Great review :P You know I <3 you

  3. I really enjoyed this book until the end and then I was really disappointed. I did not like that it left me hanging. I also have not heard about a second book. Like you I loved reading about Daniel's immense love in all its various eras. Good review!

  4. I haven't heard of this book unti now but it sounds good! Great review :)


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