Book Review: Night Star by Alyson Noel

Night Star is the fifth book in The Immortals series by Alyson Noel. It was published by Macmillan Children’s Books on 3rd March and the book is 320 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

Ever Bloom thought she had her relationship with Damon all figured out. She thought he had been totally honest with her about their pasts together. It turns out there is so much about him and her past selves that she has no idea about. Secrets always have a habit of coming back to haunt you but will this be the case for Ever and Damon?

With everything that is going on between her and Damon, Ever could do without extra stress but Haven just wont leave her alone. After being turned into an immortal, she has also become a total bitch and vows revenge for what Ever did to Roman. Two ex best friends are about to clash but there is only going to be enough room for one of them. Who will come out victorious?

What I thought
Even though I have had my problems with this series in the past, I was still eagerly anticipating Night Star due to the way that the plot has been progressing. Things have been heating up for Ever Bloom and I was excited to see what was going to come next for her…and maybe what stupid mistakes she would make.

Finally! Ever didn’t annoy the hell out of me. Ok, so she annoyed me a little bit but I think that was to be expected. I think something must have hit in her in the head in the time between the last book and this one because it seems as though she has found common sense from somewhere. Well, some common sense anyway. I was really happy with Ever’s character development this time around because it finally seems as though she is getting herself together, which way was past due. Instead of rushing into things without giving them any thought, Ever actually uses her head and thinks about the consequences of her actions which I was super glad to see.

Well, Ever isn’t perfect so she does also make some silly mistakes in judgement, namely Damon. Again. I really don’t understand how by now, she hasn’t made up her mind about him. Damon is such a sweetheart and has always been there for Ever, even when she is stupid and doubts him. He takes her back every time. I think by now, she is too used to this though and relies on that to make it possible for her to do whatever she likes and get away with it.

From the very first page, I had a bit of a girl crush on Haven. After recently having a discussion on Twitter about my love of bad boys, I realised, the same can also now be said for girl characters. Haven is bad ass. She’s horrible and a complete bitch to Ever but lets be honest here. Who hasn’t wanted someone to knock some sense into Ever and put her in her place. I seriously thought that Haven was going to be the one to do this and I really enjoyed following her throughout the book and trying to figure out her next move and whether or not she would be successful.

A large part of the book is all about Damon and the secrets that he holds from past lives. I thought that this was a very interesting aspect of the story but I wish it had been explored further or that some of his secrets had been a bit juicier. Considering the lack of sex in this series, it definitely need spicing up somewhere and this would have been the perfect place. Although this idea was interesting, I felt that because it wasn’t explored far enough, or in enough depth, it wasn’t quite as successful as it could have been. I have to say that I am quite ready for this aspect of the story to be over with now and for Ever and Damon to find a cure for themselves. Five books in to the series and still no action. I am not impressed.

Night Star has a great build up of tension from page one. We are quickly reminded of the feud in place between Ever and Haven and there is no messing about when it comes to the action scenes. All the way throughout the book I was waiting for the next move in a cryptic game between two ex best friends and I was always excited about where the story was heading. Yes, there were some quieter (although not boring) parts but this was needed to slow the pace down, instead of it being fast the whole way through.

I wish that this series had gotten as good as this book earlier on but at least something exciting seems to be happening now. I don’t want to kill Ever as much anymore and I am still looking forward to the next book. Probably the best in the series so far.


  1. I am now tempted to order this with my birthday vouchers. I know what you mean about girl crushes - I have one on Portia lol

  2. I am so glad that this last book makes some progress in the elements that kept me from reading more of the series. I got so tired of Ever's decisions and whiny nature I gave up after the third book. Good to know that some of those aspects were tempered and that you enjoyed the book.

  3. Yay, I'm glad that this series gets better. I have the first 4 books on my Kindle but have been put off starting the series by some not so good reviews. It's good to know that it gets better :D

  4. Darn it had to skip the review, I need to read the first book! LOL. Heard mixed reviews on the series so curious to see what I think :)

  5. I tend to largely agree with your review except for the evidence of Ever gaining some common sense I guess there was some but not a whole lot. I do respect her need to investigate the issues around Summerland though while Damon was all for sticking his head in the sand which I think is an aspect of being immortal and assuming nothing can hurt him. I guess you can call me part of the hate Ever love the book club. Now if we can only get you to start on Southern Vampire Mysteries


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