Book Review: Betrayals by Lili St. Crow

Betrayals is the second book in the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow. It was published by Quercus on 4th November 2009 and it is 304 pages long.

Both of Dru Anderson’s parents are dead. She is quite homeless and her new best friend, Graves, was bitten by a werewolf. Dru isn’t exactly herself anymore either, she has only recently learned that she isn’t completely human.

The strange and mysterious but extremely handsome Christophe has packed Dru and Graves off to a Schola, to try and keep them safe. The Schola is a school for djamphir and wulfen but very rarely do they get to see one of Dru’s kind. As the only girl, day to day life is not what Dru expected, not even remotely close. Even though she tries to get through the day as best as possible, something is bugging her. Considering she is supposed to be safe now, a lot of bad things keep happening and doubt begins to kick in. In someone really after Dru at the Schola or is her mind playing tricks on her?

What I thought
After reading the first book in this series, I didn’t wait long to read this book. I was hooked and was desperate to know what was going to happen to Dru.

Betrayals begins with a prologue and although I didn’t need a recap, it was a great way of remembering what had happened in Strange Angels. Sometimes in a series, release dates between books are ages apart so if I had read these back then, I would have probably forgot what happened. It might take me a while to reading book three in this series so I am hoping that there will be a prologue there as well.

With Dru and Graves being taken to the Schola, their lives have once again been interrupted. Their situation before was far from perfect but at least they had each other and they would have managed on their own. Now, they are apart from a lot of the time and Dru spends most of her time alone. She isn’t happy about being in ‘remedial’ classes and not getting the training that she thinks she deserves, Dru is supposed to be special so why is everyone else getting more training than her? Her strength, willingness and determination really shows through during this part of the book as she never wants to back down and is prepared to fight for what she is entitled to. The fact that Dru spent so much time alone really bugged me. I understood why this happened but I didn’t agree with it at all. After being through so much already, I didn’t think that Dru deserved this solitude.

I loved Graves so much more in Betrayals, even though I liked him a lot in Strange Angels. His character develops a lot seeing as he gets a lot more time on the page. Graves becomes an integral part of the story so him being around a lot more made sense to me. As a love interest, he breaks the norm of what teenage boys are like in YA novels. Although he is always there for Dru when she needs him, he isn’t one of those boys that doesn’t leave her alone. Now at the Schola, he has made his own friends and has his own friends who are more like him. He is not dependant on Dru and she is not dependant on him so their friendship worked really well for me. Also, his friendship with Dru really blossoms and begins to turn into something more. Although this didn’t go quite as far as I had hoped, I can see something wonderful happening in the next book between them and I think that they are really perfect for each other.

I wasn’t sure about Christophe in Strange Angels but I grew to like him so much more this time around. I love a bad boy and this one has way too much mystery and confidence surrounding him that I just couldn’t resist. It was only a matter of time before I ended up falling for him a little bit. I’m still not sure if he is exactly who he says he is and the seeds of doubt placed throughout the book don’t help any but I think I am still routing for him to be genuine. As well as Christophe, there are plenty of other new characters who confused me. Whether it be teachers at the Schola or students, many people aren’t who they seem to and although some things are explained well, some aren’t. This leaves a lot open to be explained in the third book in the series and I really hope it is.

Once again, this Strange Angels novel is packed full of action. It is quickly beginning to be one of the things I love most about this series. Just when you think nothing else bad can happen, it does and it is 100 times worse than anything before it. This book was so much more exciting than the first and I couldn’t put it down at all. I was desperate to know what was really going on and what was going to happen to everyone. Betrayals was also a lot funnier than Strange Angels due to the witty conversation between Dru and a few other characters. It took the edge off of all the seriousness and for this, I was thankful. There is also a lot more mystery in this book. Secrets are being kept left, right and centre and not finding out what was going on was part of the fun!

A lot of people said they didn’t like this book in the series but I really cant see why. I completely loved it and I am desperate to know what is in store next for Dru, Graves and Christophe.


  1. I liked Betrayals too, it's definitely not the worst in the series (though Defiance is probably my favourite). I agree - this is when I started to like Christophe more too. I'm glad you enjoyed it - and thanks for the review!

  2. Hi Lyndsey.

    Another great review of what looks like a really promising series! I give in - I have to get my hands on these now.

    The Word Fiend

  3. I love the series, and I think Betrayals was great. It goes unexpected and mysterious every time and kept me reading in any free minute.
    I think you wrote about everything I loved about this book. Great review!

  4. I thought Betrayals was great as well! Although I'm team Graves all the way :))

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