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Book Review: Raising Demons by Rachel Hawkins

Raising Demons is the second book in the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins. It was released by Simon and Schuster on 3rd March and it is 368 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

After being sent to Hex Hall for being a bit of a problem Prodigium, Sophie Archer realised that there was a lot more to her life than she had once thought. After a hellish year, she found out that she was in fact a demon and not a witch like she had originally been told. Then she managed to get involved with the one guy she shouldn’t, Archer, who just happens to be a member of The Eye and Sophie’s enemy.

After realising the damage that she can cause as a demon, Sophie decides that the best thing is to go through the Removal, a ‘procedure’ to get rid of all of her powers. Before she can do that though, she must spend some time with her father, head of the council, and learn what it really means to be a demon. After arriving in England, Sophie realises that all is not what it seems and the council are hiding some massive secrets, ones that could threaten everything she believes in. Then Archer shows up. How much drama and terror can one teenage girl take?

What I thought
Last year I put off reading Hex Hall for quite some time because I really didn’t think I would like it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I loved it. I got this sequel from attending an event hosted by the publisher and I was definitely excited to get a copy of it while I was there.

After an already crazy year at Hex Hall, things don’t seem to be getting any easier for Sophie. Having to go to England to spend time with her Dad for the whole summer and to learn all about being a Demon, and not a witch, is extremely hard for Sophie but I was really glad to see she still kicked ass. She’s sarcastic, powerful (even if she doesn’t really know it) and has a come back for everything. I could totally relate to her smart ass comebacks and her attitude and these are just a few of the things that I loved about her. One biggest things I remembered about the first book was that Sophie found out that Archer, the guy she liked, was actually one of he enemies. I felt so sorry for her at that point so I couldn’t wait to find out if she would ever see him again and what would happen if she did.

Oh how I was glad to see Archer! Up until his arrival, the story had quite a lot going on but it just wasn’t cutting it completely for me. Yes there was mystery and family reunions but there just wasn’t enough action, in two different senses. Archer, being part of The Eye, certainly brought some fast paced scenes and exciting plot twists but he also brought the other kind of action. The tension between him and Sophie was fantastic and as they are both have very strong personalities, the tension and banter was quite thrilling. I never knew what was going to happen next from Archer’s side and because of that, I was always on edge.

I was really glad to see that Sophie wasn’t shipped off to England all on her own though. Luckily, she gets to take Jenna and Cal with her, which makes for some interesting scenes and a pretty interesting summer. There are some twists involving Cal which I didn’t see coming at all and I was actually very happy about it. Although I love Archer because of how bad ass he is, Cal is also a great character. He is the complete opposite of Archer and even though I think he is a really nice guy, I ended up falling for him a little bit. Not like me I know, considering I only normally go for the bad boys in books. As for Jenna, I think Sophie really needed a friend and it was a good job she was there, although she wasn’t altogether a good influence.

If you thought the ending of Hex Hall was amazing then you definitely be surprised by this one. I was in no way prepared for the dramatic and heart stopping cliff-hanger than Rachel Hawkins provided this time around. The tension and pace was written perfectly and I just couldn’t read fast enough as the book was coming to the end. I wanted to know how things would turn out immediately and even though it was around 2am, I had to keep going until I was finished. You wont see this one coming at all!

This is a series not to be missed and I am already waiting for the third book to come out. I know it wont be soon enough though!


  1. This is a series that I really need to get to soon, I've read great things about Hex Hall.

  2. I really enjoyed this book, and glad you did too. I'm also eagerly waiting for the release of the next book! :)



I've moved ... you can now find this blog at CosyBooks.Blog ...same content, different place!

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