Book Review: Betrayal by Amy Meredith

Betrayal (A Dark Touch Novel) is the fourth book in a series by Amy Meredith. It was published by Red Fox (Random House) on 2nd June and the book is 288 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

Things have never been better for Eve Evergold. She has an awesome boyfriend in Luke and a fantastic best friend in Jess, who gets to go to senior prom with her boyfriend Seth. There haven’t even been any demons in Deepdene for ages so Eve is enjoying the peace and quiet and generally enjoying life for once.

Of course, nothing ever stays quiet in Deepdene for long and quickly, Eve’s life is turned upside down once again. Strange things are happening and Eve finds herself on her own. Jess and Luke have turned against her, thinking that the demon in her is a bad thing. Without her friends by her side, how will Eve figure out what is really going on and save Deepdene for another time.

What I thought
After hating this series to begin with, I have come to really like it now and had been looking forward to the newest instalment from Amy Meredith.

Throughout all of this series so far, there is a lot of action and it doesn’t stop with Betrayal. I love how kick ass the characters are, even the ones who don’t have superpowers. Jess is learning Kung-Fu to be of some kind of help and Luke is in possession of an almighty sword which I am quite jealous of. I love that although Eve is the main character with all the powers, the other characters are given enough to do to keep them interesting and exciting. I think I actually enjoy the scenes where Jess is trying to kick some major demon ass with her awesome kicks rather than Eve being able to zap them to death. These kinds of things really give the other characters something extra and something to make readers like them.

What really bugged me about this book was the fact that Jess and Luke were so quick to judge and not believe Eve. Eve and Jess have been best friends for a hell of a long time and I really didn’t think that Jess would be the kind of person to trust someone she doesn’t even really like over her best friend. This part of the book really upset me because the characters who have been getting better and better through each book suddenly went massively downhill. It was kind of like the author just forgot anything that was previously written about them and reinvented them. I understand that this was to go along with the plot but I think it could have been done better, without compromising the characters I have grown to love.

Because of this, I ended up feeling quite sorry for Eve. She was pretty much all alone trying to figure out what the hell was going on and without her friends, who are normally always there to support and help her, that must have been tough. Even though Eve is still quite shallow, not quite as shallow as in the first book, I cant help but love her. I can see past all of the things that bug me about her in order to see what is really so good about her character. She obviously cares a lot about the people around her and what is happening and truly wants to do something good with her powers and those things definitely redeem the shallowness.

This is a series that seems to be quite hit and miss. I didn’t like the first book very much at all but really enjoyed books 2 and 3. Now, book 4 has left me with mixed feelings. That being said, this is still a quick, entertaining read and I will still be reading others in this series and probably anything else by Amy Meredith.

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