Book Review: Betrayal by Lee Nichols

Betrayal is the second book in the Haunting Emma series by Lee Nichols. It was published by Bloomsbury on 5th September and the book is 288 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy.

Being the most powerful ghostkeeper in centuries sure has its perks. Emma Vaile has impressive powers which are needed for battling the master of all wraiths, Neos. Having such powers also has downsides though. It wreaks havoc on Emma’s social and romantic life. Emma knows that Bennett is her soul mate and after crushing on him for years, she thinks she finally has a chance with him… until she finds out that ghostkeepers can never be together. The weaker of the two will lose a little of their powers each time they touch.

Neos needs to be defeated before Emma and Bennett can even think about being together but it proves too much for one of them. Bennett disappears, not being able to handle being around Emma and not being able to touch her. With him gone, the Knell (the ghostkeeper society) sends in more ghostkeepers to work with Emma to help defeat Neos. Without Bennett, Emma immerses herself in school and training to defeat Neos but she isn’t the only one preparing for battle. With so much on the line, no one ever thought that one of the good guys would betray them and Emma is the most shocked about who it is!

What I thought
I loved, loved, loved the first book in this series, Deception, and as soon as this book came through my door I started reading until I was at the very end.

Due to Emma now knowing what she is and what she can do, there was a lot more action in this book compared to Deception. The fight is on to finally get rid of Neos and Emma and her new gang of ghostkeepers are on the case of figuring everything out. The other ghostkeepers are much more experienced than Emma though so when things begin to go wrong, they don’t quite understand that she isn’t in total control of her powers and that she is learning something new every day. I really liked that we got to find out quite a lot more about Emma in this book due to her constant struggles with what/ who she is and what she is supposed to do about all of the bad things going on around her. Also, I felt really sorry for her quite a few times because I don’t think she was being treat very well from everyone around her most of the time.

The thing that was missing in this book for me was romance. Bennett realises that he and Emma can’t be together until Neos is finally gone for good and he kind of runs away like a scared little kid. I did understand where he was coming from and why he did what he did but he left Emma all on her own to deal with a massive mess. Not very knight in shinning armour of him at all! Due to his absence throughout a massive chunk of the book, the tension and romance scenes between him and Emma were missing and I was really sad about this. Their growing relationship and the questions they both had was one of the things I loved the most about the first book. The few scenes that they do get together though made up for Bennett not being around a little bit but there just wasn’t nearly enough of them together for my liking.

As much as I missed Bennett’s presence in this book, I think it was a good thing he ran away. Not having him around meant that we get new and interesting characters in the form of Emma’s new ghostkeeper team. Simon is the leader of the team and while he seems to be extremely strict and boring for now, I think there is much more to be explained about his character. Natalie we met in the previous book and I was so glad to see her get a much larger and more permanent part in the series. She’s a great friend for Emma and their personalities are quite different so the dialogue between the two is always quite interesting. Lukas is the more entertaining out of the ghostkeeper team though. He is really funny with his one liners, girl crazy talk and generally just wants to have a bit of fun amongst all of the craziness which is what I liked most about him.

There were so many plot twists in Betrayal I couldn’t quite believe it. Not that it was a bad thing mind you. Each different twist is paced just right so that when you just get over one thing, another comes and smacks you in the face completely out of the blue. I loved the way that this book was written as the pacing was so perfect. I loved that it was exciting nearly all of the way through but there were little gaps where you could catch your breath for a couple of minutes. More than that though, I didn’t see most of the twists coming at all. I had ideas about what might happen in this book but I wasn’t even close to being right so the fact that Nichols could keep me guessing throughout was a great thing.

Betrayal is a shorter book than Deception so it’s a much quicker read but I didn’t mind that. There was more than enough action and surprises to keep me entertained throughout and now I’m dying for the third book, Surrender, which is out in December. Love this series so much!

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  1. I missed Bennett too, but still loved this book! Lukas was a great addition to the series. Glad you enjoyed this one, can't wait for the third book, Surrender!


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