Book Review: The Lost Saint by Bree Despain

The Lost Saint is the second book in The Dark Divine series by Bree Despain. It was published by Egmont on 7th March and the book is 416 pages long.

By making the ultimate sacrifice to save her boyfriend Daniel, Grace Divine was infected with the werewolf curse and lost her brother, Jude, at the same time. She would have done anything possible to save Daniel and the love that they share. When Jude went missing, Grace never thought she would hear from him again but after a haunting phone call from him with a warning, she knows what she must do. The only hope of saving Jude is for Grace to become a Hound of Hell.

On the mission to find Jude, Grace befriends newcomer Talbot who knows of her secret and assures her that he can help. He can help her come the superhero that she so desperately wants to be. Using her powers for good is the only thing Grace can think of. As Grace and Talbot grow closer during their training sessions, Grace’s relationship with Daniel begins to fail. As she grows stronger, the wolf in Grace begins to show through more than it should and when a deadly trap is set, she wonders if she has the strength to let the right person come through and not give in to everything that she was warned against.

What I thought
The bulk of this book focuses on Grace and her struggle to control the wolf within her. All Grace wants is to be able to use her newfound powers for a good cause and become a Hound of Hell, someone who can really make a difference in a world full of crime. This aspect of the story really shows just what a wonderful character Grace really is. After risking everything to save her boyfriend and taking on a terrible curse herself, she still manages to find the strength to fight for a better cause. Everything is completely selfless with Grace and I loved this about her.

Something that I had a problem with in the first book of the series, The Dark Divine, was the amount of religion added into the story. Now, I have completely changed my opinion on this. While it felt overpowering the first time around, I think that now, it only strengthens some of the characters, Grace in particular. Her religious upbringing really shines through and shows that she really has some great morals. Being brought up the way that she has been, Grace knows that there is a lot of bad in the world but also people can actually do some good and change things and this is why I liked the religion aspect of the book this time around. I think without this upbringing, Grace would have been completely different and would have made different choices.

As Grace is desperate to find her brother Jude, knowing how troubled he is, she manages to get herself in quite a few sticky situations. At the same time, she meets Talbot, a mysterious young man who she is quickly drawn to. With Daniel being as distant as he has been, Grace turns to Talbot to learnt the things she thinks she should be learning. Talbot tends to keep himself to himself and because of this, we don’t really get to learn that much about him but I liked that. I enjoyed not knowing what he was really all about and not knowing if he was really trying to help Grace or not. As much as I loved this new character, Daniel really grew on me a lot more in this book. After changing, he shows a completely different side to his character and it was one that I didn’t really think we would ever get to see.

I love how this gave the book a more action packed feel to it compared with the first in the series. The whole second half of the book is extremely exciting and I was reading as fast as I could to find out what was going to happen. There are some pretty big twists in this book and some of them I didn’t see coming at all. Due to certain events, I was always unsure as to whether I was thinking the right thing or not and I really liked the fact that I couldn’t figure everything out immediately. I think that this was mainly down to the fact that I was always unsure about a lot of the characters and this mystery really helped to keep things interesting.

The Lost Saint is a fantastic sequel which builds up to a huge cliff-hanger ready for the last in the trilogy. This book was quite a bit darker than the first but I really loved that about it. If you haven’t started this series yet, you should, ready in time for what should be a very exciting ending.

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  1. I recently read The Dark Divine, and I struggled at first with the religious aspect of it, but towards the end I felt OK about it. I'm glad to hear you say that it works out OK in this book. I have a copy of this on myshelves and I really wanted to read it this month, but I didn't quite get the chance.


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