Book Review: Wild by Aprilynne Pike

Wild (also known as Illusions) is the third book in the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike. The book was published by Harper Collins Children’s Books on 28th April and the book is 356 pages long.

Last year Laurel begged Tamani to let her go and forget about her so she could get on with her relationship with David in peace and without being tempted. A lot has happened since then.

Somewhere close, a hidden enemy threatens to ruin everything that Laurel has worked so hard to achieve. Even though she spends her summers studying a different form of education now, all she really wants is the chance to be normal. Although she doesn’t want to, she knows the only person who can really help her figure out this new enemy is Tamani. This time, the threat is so large that Laurel is far from sure that they will win and it also means that her choice between the different worlds is coming closer to being made.

What I thought
I think that the Wings series as a whole is probably the cutest I have ever read about and what’s wonderful about it is that it has a completely new and refreshing take on faeries.

Wild’s pacing was pretty damn perfect for me. Aprilynne Pike’s books start off pretty slow and then really build up to some amazing action. The pacing seems really natural instead of jumping backwards and forwards being different things. The fact that Wings lets us see into the human world as well as Avalon, the faerie world really broke up the monotony of the book just being based around the characters being in high school and doing regular teenage things like going to dances etc. Having Avalon in this book a little bit reminded me of the magic that is behind the whole series.

I loved, loved, loved the fact that Tamani is back in this book. I didn’t agree with the fact that Laurel sent him away in the last book although I could completely understand her reasoning for doing so. She has never wanted being a faerie to change who she is and still wants to have a normal, teenage life and having Tamani around will never allow for that to happen. As much as I like David, that is as far as it goes for me with him. He’s a nice guy and has stuck with Laurel through a hell of a lot with Tamani is really the one who Laurel should really be with. I think that David has had more than enough time as Laurel’s boyfriend as now, it’s about time that Tamani gets a real shot with her. I have totally been Team Tamani since day one.

The newcomer in this book is Yuki, a foreign exchange student from Japan. I really didn’t want to say this but I completely hated her. I don’t think she does much for the book (although I think she will in the next one). Although she is a main point of the plot, she is in the background for the most part and I didn’t think having her in like this was really worth it. If she is what everyone thinks she is then she should have had a much bigger role and been in the forefront more. I really thought that Yuki was annoying more than anything else and she was actually pretty bland and boring. Considering what she was brought in for, I think she could have been a whole lot more interesting.

Another aspect of the book that I really liked was the trolls. I have liked (well, not actually liked obviously) them since the first book and I think that they make a great enemy for the faeries. This is a really different enemy compared to others in YA books and it makes for a very welcome change. The contrast between the beautiful faeries who look like flowers and the ugly, clumpy trolls was amazing for me and it really shows the differences between good and evil. Although they are recurring baddies in this series, each book brings a new problem for Laurel and the gang each time they get way more inventive. I kinda hope that the troll problem isn’t solved quickly as they are always entertaining to read about.

Wild is a fantastic third book in the series and I can’t wait until next year when the fourth instalment is released. Highly recommended.

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  1. Another Team Tamani fan, yipee! I totally agree with you on that David has had enough page time as Laurel's boyfriend sentiment. Completely true. I just hope that in book four they speed right along into relationship, because, frankly, I've waited along time for this. I didn't like Illusions as much as you did, but I really get why a lot of fans would like it.

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)


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