Book Review: Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour is the début young adult novel by Morgan Matson. It was published by Simon and Schuster on 7th July and the book is 352 pages long.

After a terrible few months, life for Amy Curry isn't getting much better. Her mother has decided to move and somehow, Amy has to get their car across America from California to the East Coast. That wouldn't be that much of a problem if it weren't for one thing: since her father's death, Amy hasn't been able to drive. Knowing this, Amy's mother enlists the help of Roger, an old childhood friend to drive for her.

When Roger arrives though, Amy is more than shocked. He is gorgeous and not at all the boy she was thinking of. Not happy with the itinerary that Amy's mother has planned out for them, Amy and Roger decide to take a more 'scenic' route. As the two become closer on the road, Amy realises that this might just be one of the best times of her life and just the thing she needed to fix herself.

What I thought
Ever since I heard about the idea of this book, I wanted to read it. I love travelling and the idea of road tripping across America definitely appeals to me. For some reason though, it had kind of fallen off my radar but luckily, I swapped it with another blogger for another book and I finally got round to reading it. As soon as I started, I regretted not doing so earlier.

I think what made this book even more special than just the words was the little additions throughout. Amy makes notes along her journey and on some pages, photos, receipts etc. can be seen. As I really don't know that much about America and its particular States, I loved the fact that little bits of information were given at the beginning of each new destination like the state motto, facts and the size of the state. Without these little bits of information, each state could have been exactly the same as the next for all I knew. Amy and Roger also tried a lot of things that were specific to that State and this is something I know for sure that I would want to do should I ever get the chance to do something like this myself.

Next to the road trip aspect, I loved the slow building friendship between Amy and Roger. As their road trip isn't that long in regards to the time they spend together, there is none of this instant love rubbish. Due to their circumstances, you are able to see them as friends to begin with and to see their characters individually instead of them being ruled by a relationship. Each character has so many wonderful things about them but they both still have flaws which was something I appreciated. Amy and Roger have had a lot going on in their lives so have some quite big issues to deal with and it was nice to see them eventually confide in each other even though it was obvious they didn't want to talk about their problems.

Not only are Amy and Roger great but the secondary characters are as well. On their journey, Amy and Roger come across new people but also some of Roger's friends. The people that they meet along the way have quite a lot to do with how the story turns out at the end and I really liked the fact that these people who were barely mentioned at times, could have such a big impact. I did have two favourite secondary characters though and they were Lucien and Bronwyn. These two characters didn't necessarily have the biggest impacts on Amy and Roger but they were two of the most entertaining and the two that I would have wanted to know more about.

This book also has a big musical aspect going for it. As this is a road trip, there are playlists along the way according to where they are or where they are going. To be honest, although I had no idea of most of the songs on these lists, I loved reading through them to see what Amy and Roger were listening to on their adventure. After finishing the book, I even went on YouTube and looked up some of the songs just so I had a better picture in my head. This aspect of the book was great for me and although it wouldn't have bothered me if it wasn't there, I am bloody glad it was!

If, like me, you have been putting this book off I highly recommend that you pick it up immediately. I loved this book completely and would read anything by Morgan Matson based on this. 


  1. I keep hoping this one will come up on Readitswapit. Otherwise I am going to have to buy!

  2. I'm so glad you liked this one! I thought it was absolutely adorable. Loved both Roger and Amy, their road trip, the crazy characters they meet and definitely all the music :)


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