Book Review: The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols

The Boys Next Door is the first book in the Endless Summer series by Jennifer Echols. It was published by Simon Pulse (US) on 15th July 2007 and the book is 317 pages long.

Lori lives for summertime on the lake. She spends all season wakeboarding, swimming, and hanging with her friends—including the two hotties in the house next door. With the Vader brothers, Lori's always been one of the guys.
But while Lori and the "baby" brother, Adam, are inseparable friends, she can't deny a secret crush on Sean, the older Vader boy. This year Sean's been paying Lori a lot of attention, and not in a brotherly way.
But just as Lori decides to prove to Sean she's girlfriend material, she realizes that her role as girlfriend to Adam may be even more important. And by trying so hard for the perfect summer romance, she could be going way overboard....

What I thought
I've loved both of the other two Jennifer Echols books that I have read so was excited with Keris Stainton said she'd send me this book after I sent her something else. I started it the day after it arrived and barely put it down.

As the book began though, I actually wasn't too sure if I was going to like it. I didn't really like the opening to the book so needless to say, it was quite hard to get in to. The opening introduces us to Lori, the female main character. It quickly becomes clear that Lori used to be a bit of a tomboy and she had just recently changed her whole image... to impress a boy. I don't think that this sends a very positive message to younger, more impressionable girls. Lori goes around wearing a bikini instead of her usual clothes and I really wish she hadn't, even though her job gave her enough reason to.

That aside though, Lori was a fantastic character. Not having any real experience in the boy department, she has no clue what she is really doing. Sean is older and all Lori has to go from is MTV, reality TV shows and girls magazines. Because of all of this, Lori is really funny in the ways that she tries to get Sean's attention. There is much more to Lori than just liking Sean though. She isn't full of herself or perfect and she has issues just like everyone else.

In order to get Sean's attention, his younger brother Adam and Lori come up with a pln to make him jealous. Obviously, the plan doesn’t go exactly as they think it will or this would have been an extremely boring book. I loved Adam right from the start. He is sexy, sweet and obviously not like his older brothers. Adam also has ADHD which made him really interesting to read about. Having ADHD meant that Adam had little mannerisms that were different from anyone else's and it also affected how he acted.

The actual plot of the book was quite confusing at times due to the many schemes and lies along the way. However, I did like how Lori and Adam got to know each other properly in their fake relationship and to slowly see them change around each other. I would have liked for there to have been a little less about making so many people jealous but I understand why it was done this way.

The chemistry between Adam and Lori was amazing. Even though they weren't really together, they certainly had a lot going on between them. I loved the bantr that they had going because of them living next door to each other for so long but also how comfortable they were with each other. Echol's other books are pretty damn steamy and the same can be said for this one although it has been tamed down in comparison.

The Boys Next Door was exactly the kind of romance I was looking for and I'm glad I had the next book, Endless Summer, waiting for me.


  1. Oh! I have forget you on my tbr and I'm more excited I get round to it now! Thanks for a great review!

  2. I LOVE Jennifer Echols and I'm really looking forward to reading this one! :)


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