Book Review: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence is the third book in the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. It was published in hardback by Simon and Schuster on 29th September and the book is 448 pages long.

Nora has been missing for months. No one knows where is she or what happened to her... until she wakes up in a graveyard one day! Thrown back into reality, Nora has no idea where she has been either. She can't even remember much about her own life or the people in it. Patch is also no where to be seen and considering Nora is the love of his life, that is a little bit suspect. Good job Nora doesn't remember him anyway though right?

On top of Nora's apparent amnesia, a terrible villain is plotting to ruin everything good she has ever known or had in her life. Will she regain her memories in time to stop him and who will be there standing by her side?

What I thought
This doesn't normally happen to me when reading a series but when I got round to picking up Silence, I couldn't remember a damn thing that happened in the previous book, Crescendo. Maybe the wait was too long or maybe I just read too many other amazing books in the gap between releases. Either way, I went into this book not knowing what the hell was going on. Because of this, the first third or so of the book was very confusing. I couldn't remember why Nora couldn't remember anything or what had happened to her previously. Now, that could have either been me being really forgetful or it could have been Becca Fitzpatrick being an utter genius. I like to think it is the latter. If so, the reader is put into the exact position that Nora is in – not quite remembering what has happened but having a feeling of deja vu about certain things.

Due to Nora not having much of her memory in tact, Silence is jam packed full of mystery and intrigue. The overall plot is slowly leaked out as she regains her memories and tries to piece her life back together. Even after all of the confusion, I loved not knowing what was going on. I never quite knew if Nora was going to ever be completely safe or how she was going to get out of the mess she was in. Also, there is also quite a lot of mystery surrounding some of the characters. Where the hell is Patch? Is Scott being completely genuine? The biggest question of all though for me was (for a small amount of time) who the hell is Jev? As all of these things were revealed, I found myself sitting reading with my mouth a little bit open in shock at certain points!

The romance aspect of the series is amped up for sure in Silence. In the past, there have been some semi steamy scenes between Nora and Patch but nothing compares to the scenes that we are given in this book. Patch is absent for a massive chunk of this book so maybe these fantastic scenes were given to us to make up for his absence. I really do wish that Patch had a bigger part in this book because it just wasn't the same without him. The chemistry between him and Nora is one of my favourite things about the series and to take him away for so long made me not like Silence as much as I could have. Patch and Nora's relationship really grows in this instalment and I was glad to finally see a lot of things laid bare. There surely aren't many secrets between them now, if any at all.

As there is a massive war brewing, this book is far from short of action. Some of the time, these scenes give me a 'race against time' though because I just didn't know how things were going to work themselves out. I loved that as well as the insane amount of twists and turns, Fitzpatrick managed to make this book even more exciting than the previous two in the series. Crescendo was pretty damn exciting now that I remember what happened but I don't think it compares to Silence. Everything in Silence builds up to a massive ending, leaving us on yet another cliff-hanger. I know I won't be forgetting how this book went for a long time!

I know that this book has been getting mixed reviews now that there will be a fourth book in the series. I think Silence set the scene really well for the next book and for the insane things that are about to come. Even though many people weren't impressed, I was – I loved this book!

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  1. I'm excited for this one, but I really need to read Crescendo first. After reading your review, I think I need to do that ASAP.


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