Insurgent by Veronica Roth UK Cover Revealed (and Divergent gets a make over too)

So, my most anticipated sequel this year has a brand new sparkly look for when it hits the shops in May this year...and here it is!

 And Divergent also gets a make over for it's paperback release in February to make sure the two match...

So what do you think? I think they're gorgeous and pretty...although I'm also a big fan of the previous cover and part of me liked that it was a lot different from the vast majority of YA book covers. However, these ones are certainly not ugly to look at and if they attract more readers to this simply brilliant book...then they're winners in my eyes.


  1. Totally agree; really hope these covers attract more readers! Everyone should read these books. I can't wait to see the covers in person.

    The Cait Files

  2. Wow those are so very ugly and just totally inappropriate for the tone and theme of the book. I really can't wait for book 2 either but these covers don't impress me.


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