When books get turned into films!!

After a (not so recent) conversation about the difference between my all time favoiurite book and the film adaptation, it got me thinking about other books that have been made into films.

The book/ film that started this whole thing is The Picture of Dorian Gray. As a book, it is my all time favourite and I don't think that is something that will ever change. What I love so much about this book is that it makes you think. A really good imagination is needed to be able to picture everything that happens and the changes that occur. The film version ruins this. Completely. Where the book makes things dark and mysterious, the film lays things out clear as day. There is no guessing or imagination needed and for me, this is what the book was all about.

Other book to film adaptations that bug me are the third and fourth films in The Twilight Saga – Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1. This is more about what was included in both films and what wasn't. A large chunk of Eclipse didn't actually come from that book. A lot of it was taken from The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Now, I get that it was needed to show the situation but what if that book had never been written? With Breaking Dawn, the parts surrounding Jacob, Leah and Seth were severely lacking. I thought that these part added a lot to the book and to not see them be used in the film was disappointing.

With quite a lot of YA books being optioned for/ made into films now, I wonder how well they're going to be done. Personally, I cannot wait for The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments but as books that I love, I really hope that the films are amazing. I would especially hate for The Hunger Games to be less brutal in the film than in the book.

With this in mind, we have decided to do something a little different on the blog. I (Lyndsey) am going to be posting some film reviews now, as well as book reviews, for films that were books first. I obviously will also be trying to read the books as well if I have the chance!!

Are there any book to film adaptations that get you really riled up? Are there any that you think were done perfectly? Let us know!! 

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  1. i went to the cinema recently to see the girl with the dragon tattoo, and totally expected to hate it because i had so enjoyed the books and wasn't expecting a film version to live up to it.
    yes, there was some deviation from the plot in order that the ending tied up a little easier, but overall i really enjoyed it as a film!


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