On My Wishlist (#3)

This is a weekly event, originally created by Book Chick City and now hosted right here, where we showcase the books which are currently top of our wishlists. Old, new or yet to be released titles are all welcome. And why keep it to books? Spot some awesome book accessory or related item that you can wait to own? Share that with us too. Feel free to take the meme button below for your post and don't forget to come back and add your post to the linky every Saturday so others can visit. 

Guys, I must apologise for both the lack of activity and commenting on your posts this weeks. My poor old laptop has just about given up and my netbook needs a replacement screen (which is being done this weekend ...woop! Very hard to see anything with a shattered screen!)

On My Wishlist This Week  

Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne Girl, Interrupted meets Beautiful Creatures in this fast-paced thriller

When sixteen-year-old Faye arrives at Holbrook Academy, she doesn't expect to find herself exactly where she needs to be. After years of strange waking visions and nightmares, her only comfort the bones of dead animals, Faye is afraid she's going crazy. Fast.

But her first night at Holbrook, she feels strangely connected to the school and the island it sits on, like she's come home. She's even made her first real friends, but odd things keep happening to them. Every morning they wake on the floors of their dorm rooms with their hands stained red.

Faye knows she's the reason, but what does it all mean? The handsome Kel tries to help her unravel the mystery, but Faye is certain she can't trust him; in fact, he may be trying to kill her - and the rest of the world too.

Rich, compelling writing will keep the pages turning in this riveting and tautly told psychological thriller. 

Published by Putnam February 2012

So what's on your wishlist this week? 

On My Wishlist (#2)

This is a weekly event, originally created by Book Chick City and now hosted right here, where we showcase the books which are currently top of our wishlists. Old, new or yet to be released titles are all welcome. And why keep it to books? Spot some awesome book accessory or related item that you can wait to own? Share that with us too. Feel free to take the meme button below for your post and don't forget to come back and add your post to the linky every Saturday so others can visit. 

I've been thinking about On My Wishlist, as I want to make it as diverse and interesting for everyone (and hopefully attract more participants! I'd love to start featuring other bookish stuff too such as book accessories ( I have a thing for those!) and other stuff. What do you think? I'm also thinking about including some books from my seven year old daughter's wishlist ... any idea's/thoughts or opinions?

On My Wishlist This Week 

Changeling by Philippa Gregory Dark myths, medieval secrets, intrigue, and romance populate the pages of the first-ever teen series from #1 bestselling author of The Other Boleyn Girl.Italy, 1453. Seventeen-year-old Luca Vero is brilliant, gorgeous—and accused of heresy. Cast out of his religious order for using the new science to question old superstitious beliefs, Luca is recruited into a secret sect: The Order of the Dragon, commissioned by Pope Nicholas V to investigate evil and danger in its many forms, and strange occurrences across Europe, in this year—the end of days.      Isolde is a seventeen-year-old girl shut up in a nunnery so she can’t inherit any of her father’s estate. As the nuns walk in their sleep and see strange visions, Isolde is accused of witchcraft—and Luca is sent to investigate her, but finds himself plotting her escape.     Despite their vows, despite themselves, love grows between Luca and Isolde as they travel across Europe with their faithful companions, Freize and Ishraq. The four young people encounter werewolves, alchemists, witches, and death-dancers as they head toward a real-life historical figure who holds the boundaries of Christendom and the secrets of the Order of the Dragon.      The first in a series, this epic and richly detailed drama is grounded in historical communities and their mythic beliefs. It includes a medieval map of Europe that will track their journey; and the interior will include relevant decorative elements as well as an interior line illustration. And look for a QR code that links to a note from the author with additional, detailed information about the setting and the history that informed the writing. With Philippa Gregory’s trademark touch, this novel deftly brings the past—and its salacious scandals—vividly and disturbingly to life 

Published May 2012 by Simon & Schuster I'm really looking forward to Philippa's YA debut!

The Boy With The Cuckoo Clock Heart by Mathius Malzieu
Edinburgh, 1874: Little Jack is born with a frozen heart and immediately undergoes a life-saving operation — the implantation of a cuckoo-clock in his chest. From then on his days all begin with a wind-up, in this dark, tender fairy tale spiced with devilish humour. 

There's not that much information on this book. But with a cover like that...who cares? *swoons* Amazon reviewers describe it as a retake of Pinnochio for adults with a hint of steam-punk. It's been on my wishlist for absolutely ages, but was always very expensive! I've just noticed it's gone down a bit in price though so I may own a copy very soon.

First published 2005, various publishers around the world.

So what's on your wishlist this week? 

Book Review: Partials by Dan Wells

Humanity is all but extinguished after a war with partials—engineered organic beings identical to humans—has decimated the world’s population. Reduced to only tens of thousands by a weaponized virus to which only a fraction of humanity is immune, the survivors in North America have huddled together on Long Island. The threat of the partials is still imminent, but, worse, no baby has been born immune to the disease in over a decade. Humanity’s time is running out. 

When sixteen-year-old Kira learns of her best friend’s pregnancy, she’s determined to find a solution. Then one rash decision forces Kira to flee her community with the unlikeliest of allies. As she tries desperately to save what is left of her race, she discovers that the survival of both humans and partials rests in her attempts to answer questions of the war’s origin that she never knew to ask. 

Combining the fast-paced action of The Hunger Games with the provocative themes of Battlestar Galactica, Partials is a pulse-pounding journey into a world where the very concept of what it means to be human is in question—one where our sense of humanity is both our greatest liability, and our only hope for survival. (From Goodreads.com)

Partials sounded right up my street and I was really looking forward to it, even the size of it didn't put me off. At over 450 pages it's pretty huge, but I was sure the action packed plot would see me fly through the pages. I think maybe I picked it up at the wrong time though, when I had lots of other stuff on my mind, because while I liked it, I wasn't hooked and it ended up taking me nearly two weeks to read.

I really loved the premise of Partials and thought the small society of humans on the brink of extinction was very realistic, including the leadership/government who force pregnancy on girls in a bid to save the population. Dan Wells made it just the right amount of sinister and chilling. I also really liked the idea of the Partials, created by humans to serve as soldiers in a terrible war who have now turned on us themselves. And there's lots of rebelling in this book. I like nothing more than a good rebellion against corrupt leaders, of which there's plenty of here.

Main protagonist Kira is a great heroine. Strong, determined, Kick ass...the type of character I like best.I didn't really connect with any of the other characters and thought they were a little flat. I would have liked to see more emotional depth to Kira's relationships with them. Maybe it was just me, but I thought despite having these people around her she was very much alone and isolated. Partials also has plenty of action, if that's your thing and you love books like The Hunger games and Divergent, then you're probably going to really like this book too.

I think the main problem I had with this book however was the medical/genetic aspect. It's not that I hate this kind of stuff, I actually find it quite fascinating and it was one of the things I was looking forward to in this book. I think it was maybe a little too much at times and I did find myself skipping a few pages here and there when my mind started to wander. Partials took quite a bit of concentration from me, which leads me back to my first paragraph. It probably required more than I could offer it at the time. I also thought it was a little predictable and guessed pretty early on the way things would go. Will I carry on with the series? Yes absolutely...despite the problems I had it's still an intriguing enough book and the possibilities are fascinating. I really do want to know what's in store for Dan Wells world.

Published March 20th 2012 by HarperCollins (UK)
thanks to the publishers for sending a copy for review.

On My Wishlist (#1)

This is a weekly event, originally created by Book Chick City and now hosted right here, where we showcase the books which are currently top of our wishlists. Old, new or yet to be released titles are all welcome. And why keep it to books? Spot some awesome book accessory or related item that you can wait to own? Share that with us too. Feel free to take the meme button below for your post and don't forget to come back and add your post to the linky every Saturday so others can visit. 

On My Wishlist This Week 

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley 'We've got at least seven hours to get what we want before the sun comes up.'
School is over, and Lucy has the perfect way to celebrate: tonight she's going to find Shadow, the mysterious graffiti artist whose work appears all over the city. Somewhere in the glassy darkness, he's out there, spraying colour, birds and blue sky on the night. And Lucy knows that a guy who paints like Shadow is someone she could fall for - really fall for.
The last person Lucy wants to spend this night with is Ed, the guy she's managed to avoid since punching him in the nose on the most awkward date of her life. But when Ed tells Lucy he knows where to find Shadow, the two of them are suddenly on an all-night search to places where Shadow's pieces of heartbreak and escape echo off the city walls. And what Lucy can't see is the one thing that's right before her eyes. 

I've heard so many great things about this book I may not be able to wait until it's UK release this summer! 

The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen Emily Benedict came to Mullaby, North Carolina, hoping to solve at least some of the riddles surrounding her mother's life. But the moment Emily enters the house where her mother grew up and meets the grandfather she never knew, she realises that mysteries aren't solved in Mullaby, they're a way of life. Here are rooms where the wallpaper changes to suit your mood. Unexplained lights skip across the yard at midnight. And a neighbour, Julia Winterson, bakes hope in the form of cakes, offering them to satisfy the town's sweet tooth - but also in the hope of rekindling a love she fears might be lost forever. Can a hummingbird cake really bring back a lost love? Is there really a ghost dancing in Emily's backyard? The answers are never what you expect. But in this town of lovable misfits, the unexpected fits right in. 

Sarah Addison Allen's latest book, The Peach Keeper, was my first experience of this author. Certainly won't be the last. I have all her books on my wishlist, but this one is right at the top.

So what's on your wishlist this week? Link up your post below.

March Recap and Where I've Been...

March started off so, so well! By the 17th I'd read 8 books...which for me is a big deal...and had big plans for the next couple of weeks of reading. Then my Nan got taken into hospital and I've kind of not been here since.

She's ok, well she has Alzheimer's which is totally hideous, but physically she's fine. She's stuck in hospital now waiting for a care package. I've mentioned before on the blog how my Nana is the biggest influence on me as a reader, ever since I was tiny. Even as confused as she has been, she was most worried about getting the library books she checked out recently back on time. (Which I did for her and had a gawp at the pretty awesome YA Section while I was at it)

So I've had very little time for the last couple of weeks. In fact, it's taken me that two whole weeks to read one book. I also failed to take part in my own challenge of reading one of the oldest books on the shelf *sigh* Two in April to make up? We'll see. 

But although March has ended up being pretty horrible, I did still fit in some great reading and bloggish stuff before it all went to pot! There seems to have been a witchy theme going on with my reading and my favourite book this month was Hollow Pike by James Dawson, closely followed by Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake & Bunheads by Sophie Flack.  

I also took over the popular weekly meme, On My Wishlist, from Book Chick City which I officially start hosting this Saturday! I'm looking forward to that and hope you'll join in. 

Of course I managed to fit in a visit to the cinema to catch The Hunger Games. I thought it was good, but not as emotional as it should have been. If that makes sense? Anyway my friend who'd never read the books said she thought it was sweet. I sent her on her way with a copy of the book. 

So how was your March? Hope you all managed to make the most of that week of gorgeous weather!

Book Review: Poison Heart by S. B Hayes

An idle glance through the window of a bus changes everything for Katy Rivers. 

A mysterious girl, with luminous green eyes, stares back and from that moment on she haunts Katy and appears to know her every move, even what she is thinking. What is the strange connection between them? And what is the power of the emerald pendant which the girl bestows on her? 

‘I’m everything you’re not and I’m going to take over your life… I’m your worst nightmare.’ 

These chilling words mean that Katy is gradually backed into a corner, alienated from everyone she holds dear, even her own mother. Only her best friend Luke, keeps faith and together they must find a way to defeat the girl who is determined that she will be with Katy...even until death. 

POISON HEART combines psychological suspense with teen romance and makes for a thoroughly chilling read. (from Goodreads.com)    

I'll be honest. I hadn't even heard of Poison Heart until it dropped through my letter box but it certainly looked interesting.  The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis intriguing without giving much away. 

And it turned out to be pretty good. It's certainly different to any other YA I've read recently. I liked the suspensefulness of it and not knowing where it was going to go for the most part. S.B Hayes writing kept me hooked and wanting to know what was going to happen and all in it was an easy read mixing a bit of a thriller with a hint of supernatural. 

I liked main characters Katy and Genevieve, who was just creepy enough to be sinister without being over the top. I did think that people turned against Katy far too easily, especially her mother and didn't understand that. I also loved the relationship between Katy and her neighbour and long time friend Luke and was glad she had him to turn to at least. My one major problem with this book though was katy's boyfriend, Merlin. Seriously?  He isn't even magical by the way, just a bit of a patronising twit. 

Overall Poison heart is a good quick read which didn't blow me away but passed a couple of hours easily. I did spot the major twist before it was revealed, but it's still a good one and I enjoyed the lead up to it. The other plus with this book is that there's no hint of a cliffhanger ending or possibility for a sequel and reading a story you can wrap up in one go is always a pleasure these days. 

Published by Quercus February 2012
Thanks to the publishers for providing a copy for review.

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