Oldest Books On The Shelf Challenge: April Update

I'm a very bad blogger indeed at the moment. Only seven posts during April and five books read. MUST DO BETTER! 

Two books were Oldest Books though. Yes I can finally cross the Hunger Games series off my to read list. I read The Hunger Games a couple of years ago and had meant to get round to the others pretty quickly afterwards, but things get cropping up...you know how they do? Anyway spurred on by the recent release of the movie (which I did see and enjoy) I finally cracked it. 

I'm not going to write separate, lengthy reviews for these two books. There's plenty of them about and I'm not all that sure I can add much more. I originally decided to give audio books a go, signed up to Audible and got Catching Fire and Mockingjay in a bogof deal. I now know I don't get on with audio books (and have just reminded myself to cancel my membership!!) I'm not sure if this was just badly narrated but I really hated it. I hated the silly voices the narrator did. I hated my image of the characters being tarnished because of it. i found it hard to picture what was going on. And I kept getting distracted and missing huge chunks. After 6 chapters I gave up on Catching Fire and pulled down my books. 

I really liked Catching Fire, much the same as I liked The Hunger Games. But what the heck happened with Mockingjay? I actually felt like screaming when I finished it. Biggest let down EVER? It had the potential to be amazing, but everything seemed so brushed over and rushed. I wanted so much more from it than I got. Gah

On the positive side though, they're no longer on the pile of stuff I've never got around to yet...hurrah! That's a total of six books now I've crossed of the list, so I'm pretty happy with that! This month I might tackle a couple of Adult books that I bought because I just couldn't wait to read them but just never found time for. 

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