Keeping Cosy and Alert

I was going to write up and post a review today, but as I'm just taking a quick break from an assignment and don't want to loose my train of thought it'll have to wait.

Brr it's cold today too. Not that crisp, snowy cold we were promised (well not here anyway) instead it's damp, dark, rainy cold...which for some reason always feels worse. I'm not using my heating either. Two  reasons. First, I'm now at home for 2 extra days a week which on one hand is work. Yay! But on the other, I wouldn't usually have the heating on those days, and the thought of increasing the gas bills any further now I'm working less isn't the most welcome thought. Secondly, if I'm toasty warm by a radiator, I'm likely to nod off. I need to stay alert today.

So I'm going old school and cosying up with loads of woolly clothes and a hot water bottle. It's working really radiator induced fog head or dozing. (And yes, I really do hold a pen like that, gloved or not. That teacher who made me write like a 'normal' person for an entire year when I was ten would be disappointed to see this)

The cats keeping me company too, though she seems more interested in Faber's Book Of Beasts than I am at the minute. Of all the beautiful poetry in the world, I'm studying one about cows. *sigh*

Anyway, back to the books before I get lost in blogland...


  1. I know Vicki, the weather is simply horrid. At least we are not having any snow in this part of the country...for now.

    Samina @ Escapism from Reality

  2. I love this post! Also, lol at you all dressed up to be inside. My mum too is loathe to put the heating on, our bill is astronomical despite us freezing half to death every day. She always has like a trillion layers, scarf, hat, hot water bottle when it gets really bad.

    Cait x


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