A Humble Hyphen Creates A Hell Of A Hole (A Warning About NEVER Inadvertently Letting Your Domain Registration Expire)

So, last night I got an email offering to buy my expired domain, www.Cosy-Books.Com and my first reaction was, pah...it's spam. Ignore. 

But then I started to feel uneasy. I checked my site...still there. I checked my domain hosting. EXPIRED


I knew I'd set up my account to auto-renew every year. So what had gone wrong? Well, a few months ago my debit card had been eaten by a cash machine, causing no end of problems back then until I got a replacement. (Seriously...how did we ever live without Debit Cards?)  What I'd never considered was that a few months later, when my domain registration expired, my old cancelled card would just DECLINE. It really just didn't occur to me at all. Silly, I know. 

I never received any emails warning me about the uncollected payment, or the expiration of my domain. After hours of searching about last night on the web I discovered I'd also missed a 19 day grace period to reactivate my registration. Apparently, my domain was now in REDEMPTION meaning basically if I want it back, it'll cost me the best part of £100. If I don't pay, it would disappear in a few days.

My only option has been to buy a brand new domain, very, very similar to the old one. Infact the only difference is this...  

No Hyphen 

I'm now www.cosybooks.com instead of www.cosy-books.com  

And you wouldn't believe the trouble loosing that hyphen has created. I've had to fix every link on the site by removing it. Manually. Link by Link. I have to be re-indexed by Google. External links to me won't work, unless they use the blogspot address. The list goes on...as does the mission to fix this mess. 

So can I ask, please, if you are kind enough to link to me would you take a few seconds to check it still works and relink if not (that is if you'd still like to link to me?) I don't think subscription are affected, but if yours is and you'd still like to receive my content please do resubsribe...Thank You! 

And finally, to avoid all the stress and hassle and tears I've had over the last 24 hours, check your payment method is upto date:  if you've lost a card, or had one that's expired, changed bank account...whatever, you need to update or you may find yourself in the same mess I am right now! 


  1. Just wanted to quickly write and say that this showed up in my google reader which makes me think that maybe your other subscribers will also be getting your feed okay?

  2. OMG - what a headache. Hearing stories like this makes me glad I never bothered with buying a domain. Even reading about all that stuff just goes over my head. It's too complicated for my brain! Anyway just to let you that everything seems to be working okay with the new link. x


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