How to Budget & Manage Your Money

Are you having a hard time paying your bills and saving your money?Do you want to get out of the Paycheck to Paycheck cycle and have more money left in your account at the end of each month?Do you want to learn how to manage your money better?Ready to finally take control your finances but … Read more

Monthly Budget Planner

2024 BUDGET PLANNER – HARDCOVER EDITIONKeep track of your spending this year with the new 12-month (January to December) financial planner.Features:Financial summary pages to note your bank accounts bills and creditors all in one handy place including your username and password logins.Savings trackers to jot down all your major savings goals and deposits for the … Read more

How to Manage Your Money Like an Adult in 7 Easy Steps

How to finally get a handle on your finances even if you have no savings or investing experience…Do you find yourself lying awake at night worrying over money?Do you dread looking at your bank account?You’re not alone.In a survey by Capital One and The Decision Lab it was found that 77% of Americans report feeling … Read more


Revolutionize Your Financial Life in Just 10 Minutes a Month: This Book Will Change Your Life!The author’s financial insights have been taught at California State University. His articles on budgeting life insurance and financial planning have been featured in ThinkAdvisor The Huffington Post NuWire Investor and RealClearMarkets. He helped develop educational and marketing content for … Read more

Money Management

If you want to discover how to take control of your money and boost your credit score then keep reading…Two manuscripts in one book:Money Management: An Essential Guide on How to Get out of Debt and Start Building Financial Wealth Including Budgeting and Investing Tips Ways to Save and Frugal Living IdeasCredit Repair: The Ultimate … Read more

Budget Like A Pro

Are you desperate to make ends meet each month constantly wondering if you can pay the bills? If debts are poisoning your life and you want to make your dollar go 10X further it’s time to BUDGET. Unemployment has been high debts are reaching record levels and rent prices seem to be skyrocketing everywhere. Budgeting … Read more

Monthly Budget Planner

Monthly Budget Planner / Weekly Expense Tracker/ Bill Organizer Notebook/ Personal Finance JournalThis Monthly Budget Plannerit suitable for business personal finance bookkeepingbudgeting money management DetailsThe Monthly Budget Planner and Weekly Expense Tracker way to organize your bills and plan for your expensesManagement your moneyit perfect for business personal finance bookkeepingbudgeting144 pages of monthly budget planner … Read more

Monthly Budget Planner

This is Monthly Budget Planner / Weekly Expense Tracker/ Budget Organizer/ Bill Paying Notebook/ Personal Finance Journal. This Monthly Budget and Weekly Expense Tracker workbook makes the task of keeping track of your expenses approachable with easy-to-use charts money wisdom and prompts to set goals for yourself.The Monthly Budget Planner and Weekly Expense Tracker way … Read more


Learn How Budgeting Can Transform Your Life TODAY!This book contains actionable information on how to budget and manage your finances like a pro.Many people are neck deep in debt and have very bad credit reports today because of lack of proper financial planning. You see; the difference between the rich and the poor is that … Read more

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