Revolutionize Your Financial Life in Just 10 Minutes a Month: This Book Will Change Your Life!The author’s financial insights have been taught at California State University. His articles on budgeting life insurance and financial planning have been featured in ThinkAdvisor The Huffington Post NuWire Investor and RealClearMarkets. He helped develop educational and marketing content for large financial firms like Allstate New York Life and State Farm.One reader describes the impact of this book: “This book fundamentally changed how I manage my finances.

David delves deep into the psychology of money offering insights that are sometimes controversial but always eye-opening. If you’re ready to shake up your financial status quo this book is a must-read.” Inside ‘The 10-Minute Budget’ you will discover:✓ A 3000 year-old “mind control” secret used by all financial gurus and authorities to covertly manipulate and control you. Once you see how it’s done you can protect yourself (and your money) from future manipulation and pilfering;✓ How to maintain a “to-the-penny” accurate budget in just 10 minutes (or less) per month without using expensive or proprietary apps balancing your checkbook or doing any of the other stuff the experts and gurus tell you to do;✓ How to “buckle down” and be disciplined with your money without feeling guilty deprived humiliated or embarrassed; and✓ Spend your way to wealth—use ordinary credit cards to make $5000 to $10000 in cold hard cash savings this year;✓ How to pay for expenses you can’t afford or when you have no income;✓ How to argue with your spouse (and win!) without being controlling disrespectful critical manipulative and without hurting their feelings or making them feel guilty embarrassed or ashamed about their spending habits;✓ How to control your cash flow pay off debt and grow your savings without making personal sacrifices;✓ The exact type of bank account you should have (and the exact type of bank account you should NEVER have);✓ How to save up to 30% more of your income without doing the usual “responsible” things with your money; and✓ How to avoid all mystical money traps and professional parasites that quietly drain your wealth and happiness;Time is of the essence. Are you ready to dispel old budgeting myths and increase your savings? Download ‘The 10-Minute Budget’ today before the price goes up. Prepare yourself for a future you never thought possible. Start this book now.

Explore the depth of Business & Money, Personal Finance Books with THE 10-MINUTE BUDGET by David Lewis, a leading authority in the field. Published in 2023 by Monegenix Press (August 10, 2023), this book, spanning 215 pages,, is an authoritative source on Budgeting, Money Management, Money Spend. With ASIN B0CFCYQSB5 and ISBN 9798988411826, it stands as a vital reference for researchers, educators, and enthusiasts alike.

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