Basic Personal Finance

Very few people acquire wealth instantly; the rest of us have to make good decisions with our money. This book is for people who want to:Learn the basics of compensation taxes budgeting banking and creditRecognize the importance of starting financial planning earlyProtect and grow their wealthIdentify financial scamsA recent study from the Economic Policy Institute found the median retirement savings for people between 32 and 37 years old is less than $500. Don’t wait to start saving and don’t waste money on “get-rich-quick” schemes.

The safest most proven way to accumulate wealth is through disciplined saving and long-term investing and Basic Personal Finance shows you how. The authors combine practical advice serious academic research and 23 years of classroom experience to help young adults follow a successful path to financial wellbeing.A must read for every high school and college student!”This book is full of financial lessons that every adult wishes they’d known coming out of high school. A must read for anyone under 30.”-Peter Stark author The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever Need.

Basic Personal Finance by Len Cabrera is a seminal work in the genre of Education & Teaching, Schools & Teaching Books, released in 2017 by Len Cabrera (April 21, 2017). Over 165 pages,, the book provides an in-depth analysis of Financial Advice, Money Management, making it an indispensable resource for professionals in the field. Its ISBNs 0998860905 and 9780998860909 ensure easy reference and procurement for libraries and individuals alike.

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