Calves and Cubs

Whether you call it “real life” or “adulting” or “responsibility” the demands of finances often appear unexpectedly and leave many feeling overwhelmed and asking “when are we supposed to learn this concepts?” Or “how do I know if a TikTok finance strategy or social media post is suitable for me? Personal Finance or Financial Literacy not only requires developing discipline but also being able to apply the knowledge of financial rules and concepts.

Caves and Cubs (young bulls and bears) simplifies concepts like budgeting debt credit cards saving investing stocks mutual funds options insurance housing retirement accounts and beyond. Derived from teaching several iterations of a personal finance course and lessons to high school and college students this book is specifically curated and designed to address the more mature beginner. While not a “how-to” book the goal is to understand the basics in order to build a solid foundation and critically navigate more advanced content. It’s like having Personal Finance 101 course notes all in one place. Use it to learn brush up or simply as a reference.

Explore the depth of Business & Money, Investing Books with Calves and Cubs by Beau Brannan, a leading authority in the field. Published in 2021 by Q Me Publications (February 10, 2021), this book, spanning 174 pages,, is an authoritative source on Money Management, Personal Finance. With ISBNs 0578821745 and 9780578821740, it stands as a vital reference for researchers, educators, and enthusiasts alike.

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