Financial Basics

Students are confronted with major financial decisions as they enter college and yet they have little experience with personal finance. Their decisions if not well made could adversely affect them throughout their lives. This book is meant to empower students at the beginning of their financial lives with basic straightforward information on managing bank accounts creating spending plans determining how much they can afford to pay for college making student-loan decisions establishing a credit history and other money-management options.

This 2nd edition updates changes in online banking smartphone apps credit cards and student loans but retains basic financial information that ensures students won’t learn about money the hard way. A chapter for parents has been added so they can help their students become financially knowledgeable and it includes advice for parents about making decisions related to college costs. In addition a chapter for grandparents contains suggestions on how to help college-bound grandchildren—financially and in other ways—without endangering their own financial security. A basic investments chapter is included for first-time investors. The intent of Financial Basics is to enhance student readers’ financial knowledge and provide money-management options for finding their own best way to become masters of their money.

Financial Basics by SUSAN KNOX is a seminal work in the genre of Business & Money, Management & Leadership Books, released in by Ohio State University Press. Over it’s pages, the book provides an in-depth analysis of College Financial Aid, Money Management, Student Life, making it an indispensable resource for professionals in the field. Its ISBNs 0814253067 and 9780814253069 ensure easy reference and procurement for libraries and individuals alike.

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