Kiss Your Money Hello!

Best Seller in Personal Money Management Investing Basics College Financing Home Buying/Selling!It’s here! Your guide to a financially independent life. No more money stress! This book is a modern comprehensive guide to your personal finances.Why this book? Right now you may be browsing personal finance books in a library bookstore or online. Why this one? Is it worth a couple of dollars and hours of your time?Here’s why. I’ve read the others. Almost every book was someone telling their own personal rags to riches tale. That’s admirable but the likelihood that it’s close to you and your situation is remote.

What worked for them will probably not work for you. Everyone is different every situation is unique. Some assume their readers all want to be mega-rich. In my experience most people just want to be happy without money stress. But if you want to be rich I’ll show you how to do that too.So why this one? Because this book is based on my experience as a financial counselor investment advisor and financial planner. This book is a user manual for your money! No matter who you are there’s plenty for you including FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early).This book is the way to financial peace to relieving the number one stressor in our lives and relationships. It’s the guide to living every day on your own terms and never having to go to a job you no longer love of never having to miss those important life events. I’ll keep it simple—just the way your personal finances should be! The first word of the title is no coincidence. KISS means Keep It Simple Silly! Maybe I’ll even make you laugh. Your household should measure success in ‘happy’ not some corporate financial metric.I won’t guilt-trip you about buying a latte. I’ll convince you that doing the right things now getting over the hump quickly means buying all the lattes and new cars you want with cash for the rest of your life. Those lattes will taste so much better and you’ll enjoy the ride more in a car you own not the bank. You’ll watch the former car payments grow like weeds in your investment accounts.Can you trust me? Yes you can. I’ve helped countless people and I want you to do well. I want you to be happy and enjoy this one life we get. This is generational knowledge for your kids and parents.Who am I? When I was a kid I was a huge superhero fan. I’d sit in the corner luncheonette and read comic books on my way home from school until the owner would throw me out. I didn’t have the money to buy them my parents didn’t have the money to give me. I’d peek out from my bedroom at night and see my mother stressing out over a kitchen table full of bills writing out checks and stuffing them in envelopes. Kiss your money goodbye I heard more than once (hence my title!). I watched my father come home from work exhausted especially as he got older. I didn’t want to be the superhero who could fly shoot lasers out of my eyes or swing from building to building on spider webs. I wanted to be the kind that could help people like my parents. That’s where the title of this book came from. Instead of paying your hard earned money out to everyone else watching each paycheck or retirement distribution fly away you’re going to welcome it back. Hello hard earned money! Welcome back! Let’s have some fun together!Come on inside let’s get this party started!

In Kiss Your Money Hello!, Bill Hines brings years of expertise to the forefront. Published in 2023 by Wild Lake Press (April 17, 2023), this 277 pages book is a pivotal resource in the field of Business & Money, Personal Finance Books. Addressing critical topics such as Financial Advice, Money Management, Personal Finance, it’s armed with comprehensive content and information. The book’s unique identifiers, ASIN B0C1HRTCLL and ISBN 9798987079652, make it a must-have for academic professionals and students alike.

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