Mastering Money

This book is designed for college students and youngish people who might have skipped this part of their education so far but are now interested in learning how to get their money life together. In other words this book is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of personal finance. If you are not a 22-year-old college student but need to learn about specific topics like investments how to talk to your spouse about money or insurance flip to the chapter that interests you. Each chapter was designed to be read as needed. My main goal is to be as easy to understand and specific as possible.

I will also give you my opinions about things and tell you what I did or would do instead of giving you another generic definition or finance term.

Mastering Money is a remarkable contribution by Inga Chira, in the field of Business & Money, Personal Finance Books. Published in 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 2, 2017), this book spans 186 pages,, each filled with insightful details on Money Management. The ISBNs 198114191X and 9781981141913 codes serve as a hallmark of authenticity and uniqueness. A must-read for anyone interested in Money Management, it’s a book that both informs and inspires.

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