In this book Wanda P. Bowman talks about the importance of the management of our financial resources. Money is the essential tool in our tool box for building a solid financial foundation. This book talks about training our mind and thoughts to think of ways in which we can become better managers of our resources.To gain financial independence from living pay check to pay check Wanda discusses various ways in which to generate additional revenue streams.Bowman discusses the philosophy of shifting our mindset on ways to generate wealth.

It is not how much money we earn but how much money we can generate from our earnings that allow us to create our financial independence.This book explains that the fundamental purpose of generating wealth is for us to be fruitful to multiply our resources and ultimately have dominion over our money.Bowman discusses three ways in which to build wealth; how to make our money work for us how to manage it and how to save and invest it.

Explore the depth of Business & Money, Finance Books with MONEY by Wanda Patrice Bowman, a leading authority in the field. Published in 2021 by Bowman Publishing (February 12, 2021), this book, spanning 96 pages,, is an authoritative source on Financial Success, Money, Money Management, Money Spend, Personal Finance, Wealth, Wealth Management. With ISBNs 1736531506 and 9781736531501, it stands as a vital reference for researchers, educators, and enthusiasts alike.

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