Are you struggling with debts and have you problems managing your money?Are you living your life paycheck to paycheck?You don’t have an emergency fund yet and are you afraid that a small emergency could seriously affect your financial situation?Then keep reading.According to a recent survey by the First Bank of Omaha 63% of Americans do not set annual saving goals 23% reports put out 0% of their monthly paycheck towords saving and 74% put only 10% or less of their salary in savingsAnd this also applies to people whit high salary.How is this possible?

Simply because they haven’t yet learned the most important skill to achieve financial freedom MONEY MANAGEMENTMany people think that a small salary increase would be enough to improve their lives. The truth is that nothing would change because you would also automatically increase your expenses.What you need is to improve your money management skills as soon as possible.In this book I will guide you step by step to Money Manegement MasteryWhat you will discover reading this book :♦ How to analyze your current financial situation♦ How to set a budget♦ Tips to start saving effortlessly♦ How to get out of debt♦ Everything you need to know about credit cards♦ How to create your emergency fund♦ Techniques to increase your income♦ And much moreTo get the best out of this book you don’t need to have any knowledge of finance that’s fine even if you are a beginner thanks to the simple step by step guide I created for you.The strategies described in this book can be used by both employees and the self-employedSuitable both for the older ones who have many years of work behind them and for the young people who have just finished schoolAre you tired of all your financial problems?Get out of debt and start your journey to financial freedom right now. Scroll up the page and add to cart.

MONEY MANAGEMENT by Grant Ramsey is a seminal work in the genre of Business & Money, Personal Finance Books, released in 2019 by Independently published (August 5, 2019). Over 81 pages,, the book provides an in-depth analysis of Debt, Money Management, Money Spend, making it an indispensable resource for professionals in the field. Its ISBNs 1088422012 and 9781088422014 ensure easy reference and procurement for libraries and individuals alike.

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