Money Management for College Students

College isn’t free.Paying for college is one of the most challenging situations you’ll ever have to face. Every year thousands of students’ hopes of starting college are dashed by bad planning and bad money management. And many who do graduate are burdened with a heavy educational debt that prevents them from pursuing the full potential of their diplomas. Leading Christian financial expert Larry Burkett has written this financial survival guide to help you understand the money side of your college plans.

You’ll find guidelines on:Managing your financesHow to balance your checkbookHow to use (or misuse) credit cardsHow to obtain college scholarships and loans. Money Management for College Students also includes information on choosing a major choosing a college and pursuing the career of your choice. Going to college can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in your lifetime. Don’t let the heavy load of financial burdens knock you down.

Money Management for College Students by Larry Burkett, published in by Moody Publishers, is a critical exploration of College, Education Costs, Money, Money Management, Student Life, fitting into the broader realm of Business & Money, Personal Finance Books. With number of pages of detailed analysis and commentary, it’s a significant contribution to the field. The book’s ISBNs 0802463479 and 9780802463470 make it easily accessible for scholars and critics.

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