My Financial Toolbox

You worked hard for a good income. Your spending is under control. What’s next? My Financial Toolbox goes into the nuts and bolts of managing your money. A long-time personal finance blogger Harry Sit gives a big show-and-tell of everything he uses to manage his finances. Using these tools allowed Harry and his wife to leave their full-time jobs in their 40’s. The “good enough” and “set and forget” principles guide you to 95% of the results with 5% of the effort.This book covers everything from checking accounts to retirement accounts and insurance to wills and trust software tools and more.

Whether you’re early in your career wanting to start on the right track or you’re close to retirement looking for a boost My Financial Toolbox will give you a clear course of action.This book will show you how to:Have a checking account that reimburses all ATM fees and pays all your bills automatically.Earn good rewards from credit cards on every purchase without worries about confusing categories.Refinance your mortgage to the lowest rate.Protect your family with the right types of life insurance disability insurance auto and homeowner’s insurance and umbrella insurance.Choose the right health insurance and contribute to an HSA.Contribute the maximum to your retirement plans at work or when you’re self-employed including a “mega backdoor Roth.”Contribute the maximum to your IRA with a “backdoor Roth” even when your income is too high.Save and invest in the right 529 plan for your kids’ college savings fund.Invest in the entire global market with one simple investment super-low fees and minimal maintenance.Handle RSUs and ESPP from your employer.Pass the money to your loved ones without delay or costly legal fees in case you die.Use software tools to estimate and maximize your Social Security benefits with the right claiming strategy.Work with the right type of financial advisor when you need advice.Take a look at the table of contents by clicking on the Look Inside feature!Buy the book and get started today!

An informative and engaging read, My Financial Toolbox, authored by Harry Sit and released in 2020 by Advice-Only Financial, LLC (February 18, 2020), covers a wide range of themes under Money Management, Personal Finance. This work, falling into the genre of Business & Money, Industries Books, extends over 209 pages, , making it a comprehensive guide. Its unique ISBNs 1733564209 and 9781733564205 make it easily identifiable for readers and scholars alike.

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