Personal Finance For Teens

ATTENTION PARENTS OF TEENS!DON’T LET YOUR TEEN LEARN ABOUT MONEY THE HARD WAY!The solution is right here…Would you like your teen to start learning the basics of personal finance and how to be smart with money?Are you concerned that they’re not being taught these critical lessons in school?Does it make you feel uncomfortable thinking about trying to teach this stuff to your teen yourself?Are you just plain tired of lecturing your kids about money and telling them to get a job?This book is your teen’s first step towards a healthy profitable lifelong relationship with money!

Learning and following the proven tips and tricks inside this book—>Your teen will have everything they need to avoid going broke and getting into massive debt……Instead they will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to start building a solid financial foundation for a happy and healthy life!In this book they will discover: Easy to follow basics for starting your first budget savings account and simple approaches to compound interest and investing so you can use them to your advantage!Best tips for staying out of credit card troubles.Biggest most embarrassing money mistakes that people make — even adults get this wrong!5 major consequences of not actively saving.The “lazy” way to become a millionaire. This is 100% a real thing!And what the buzz behind the “crypto craze” is – and how you can make money off of it!Give your teen all the information and techniques they need to create the kind of independence and freedom they want to have when they’re older…Give them the critical information about money and how to handle it – delivered in this simple and easy-to-understand guidebook – so their future is stable happy and bright!Starting them off early is truly their biggest advantage! The choice is yours…You can wait until they’re knee-deep in debt and threatening to move back in with you when they’re 29 years old…ORIf you’re ready to empower your teen with easy-to-learn personal finance basics so they can take control of their financial future —> Scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now!

Personal Finance For Teens by G G Cunningham, published in 2023 by Independently published (June 14, 2023), is an essential read for enthusiasts of Parenting & Relationships, Parenting Books. Spanning 182 pages, this book delves into topics of Money Management, Money Spend, offering a comprehensive and insightful exploration. With its detailed analysis and engaging content, it stands as a testament to the expertise of G G Cunningham. Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply a curious reader, this book, with its unique ASIN B0C7T7RNTL and ISBN 9798398380958, is an invaluable addition to your library.

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