The One Week Budget

Hate paying bills? So do I and that’s why I stopped! What if I told you that I haven’t paid a bill in over a decade and my credit score is over 800? Would you call me a liar or would you want to know how I did it?In this book I will teach you what took me years to learn. The One Week Budget is for anyone that wants to manage their day-to-day money without the day-to-day hassle. Does this sound like you? What are you waiting for? Read the book already! The Budgetnista Tiffany Aliche.

An informative and engaging read, The One Week Budget, authored by Tiffany The Budgetnista Aliche and released in 2011 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 12/13/10 edition (January 12, 2011), covers a wide range of themes under Budgeting, Budget Travel, Money, Money Management, Money Spend, Personal Finance, Savings. This work, falling into the genre of Business & Money, Personal Finance Books, extends over 132 pages, , making it a comprehensive guide. Its unique ISBNs 1453757228 and 9781453757222 make it easily identifiable for readers and scholars alike.

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