How to Manage Your Money Like an Adult in 7 Easy Steps

How to finally get a handle on your finances even if you have no savings or investing experience…Do you find yourself lying awake at night worrying over money?Do you dread looking at your bank account?You’re not alone.In a survey by Capital One and The Decision Lab it was found that 77% of Americans report feeling … Read more

Money Management for Teens

Embark on a Financial Adventure with “Money Management for Teens”: Your Passport to a Future of Wealth and Independence!Are You Game to Challenge the Norms and Conquer the Realm of Wealth Creation?Imagine a world where financial success is not a stroke of luck but a strategic conquest. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s a reality that’s … Read more

Personal Finance Made Easy for Young Adults

Discover how to handle your money today so you can put yourself on track to financial freedom.Are you having a hard time budgeting your money to the point where it gets you into debt?Do you think you’re spending money wisely but your savings are still not enough to build your wealth?Are you wondering what side … Read more

Kiss Your Money Hello!

Best Seller in Personal Money Management Investing Basics College Financing Home Buying/Selling!It’s here! Your guide to a financially independent life. No more money stress! This book is a modern comprehensive guide to your personal finances.Why this book? Right now you may be browsing personal finance books in a library bookstore or online. Why this one? … Read more

Personal Finance for Young Adults

“Personal Finance for Young Adults” is a game-changer for anyone feeling financially frazzled. This no-nonsense guide cuts through the confusion and empowers you to take control of your money no matter your age. The author’s “Start NOW” mantra is infectious and will ignite a fire within you to turn your financial woes into wins.” – … Read more

Personal Finance for Young Adults

Avoid unnecessary debt financial stress and bad investments right from the start with this simple 7-step system for financial literacy.We learn a lot of things in school that we seem to never need again. Yet one of the most important factors of a successful adult life remains almost untouched by schools: financial literacy.The lack of … Read more

Money Management for Young Adults

Take control of your financial future—with your very first paycheck!Your paycheck your responsibility. It’s time to saddle up and take the reins. Prepare to become a sharp-shooting budgeter resolute saver and top-tier investor on the path to financial freedom.Whether you are just entering the workforce or have been earning an income for a while Money … Read more


Revolutionize Your Financial Life in Just 10 Minutes a Month: This Book Will Change Your Life!The author’s financial insights have been taught at California State University. His articles on budgeting life insurance and financial planning have been featured in ThinkAdvisor The Huffington Post NuWire Investor and RealClearMarkets. He helped develop educational and marketing content for … Read more

The 7-Steps from Money Slave to Money Master

Free yourself from worry and debt.Don’t let your finances control you.Unlock the secrets to building wealth and achieving financial freedom.Do you desire more funds in your bank account but cannot make it a reality? It might seem like you’re overwhelmed by a never-ending stream of expenses and bills making it difficult to enjoy life without … Read more

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